Advisory Services 

Looking for a partner to help you tackle the work ahead? verynice has a robust team of design thinking strategists specializing in a wide range of topics. We offer quick design feedback all the way to executive level, discrete consultation to help you reach your goals.   


Quick Design Feedback

Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes! Upload your design, tell us what you're aiming to accomplish, and one of our staff designers will give you a one page report of timely feedback and actionable recommendations to help you along the way! All within 48 hours. 


Monthly Check In!

You don’t have to go it alone! Looking to tackle specific aspects of your business and need a helpful advisor? Our monthly remote check-in gives you a one hour expert consultation on a variety of topics followed by a one page summary with actionable next steps.


Executive Consultation

For organizations and busy solopreneurs looking to save while having the expertise of an in-house strategist, we have designed a solution to help you make better decisions, faster, and with the confidence of having comprehensive industry trends analysis.